"Acid Kleen 100"


“ACID-KLEEN”is a liquid acid containing special penetrating surfactants and emulsifiers.

“ACID-KLEEN” is used by:

FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT…  Knock out protein deposits and scale from kettles, cooking baskets, pipelines hoppers, evaporators, ham molds, in-plant trucks, conveyors and other equipment.

INDUSTRAIL PLANT EQUIPMENT…Descaling rinse stage of spray washers, derusting operations, rinse tanks in immersion cleaning operations, etc…

REFRIGERATION, AIR CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT…  Take off scale from cooling towers, icemakers, and evaporative condensers.

DAIRY EQUIPMENT…  Remove milk-stone from equipment: tanks, pasteurizes, evaporators, preheaters: to clean in-place, lines, holding tanks, etc…

BREWERY AND SOFT DRINK EQUIPMENT…  Descale bottle washing machines, clean beer-stone from tanks, stainless steel aluminum cooperage, copper kettles and coolers.

MARINE EQUIPMENT…Do Away with scale from water evaporators, heat exchangers, heaters, etc.

PAPER MILL EQUIPMENT… Take off scale from evaporators, power plant equipment, clean fourdrinier wires, molls, screens, etc…

CANNERS…For removal of hard water scale, rust and proteinations deposits from bucket conveyors. Flumes, cookers, graders, shakers, quality graders, blanchers and heat exchangers.

RAILROAD EQUIPMENT…Steam generators and diesel engine cooling jackets.

POWER PLANT EQUIPMENT…Take off scale from air compressor jackets, heat exchangers, condensers, ion exchange resin beds, steam boilers, etc…

OIL REFINERY EQUIPMENT…Scale build up is cut easily with DAVIES “ACID KLEEN” on combustion engines, heat exchangers, piping condensers, etc…

DISHWASHING MACHINES… Use undiluted to heavily scaled areas. Fill rinse tank with hot water to level just below over flow. Add 2 gallons of DAVIES “ACID-KLEEN”

To rinse tank. Run dishwashing machine circulating rinse until lime scale is removed. Drain tank and flush inside of machine with clean hot water.

COFFEE URNS…Add 3 gallons warm water and 2 oz. DAVIES “ACID-KLEEN”…wipe interior with solution…drain and flush thoroughly with hot water.

GLASSWARE…Soak and brush with ½ oz. DAVIES “ACID-KLEEN” to one gallon of hot water.

ALUMINUM… Do not use on ANODIZED… Use 1 oz. to 3 gallons hot water. flush and rinse thoroughly.

STEAM TABLES Use “ACID-KLEEN” full strength to steam coils… Allow 5 minutes before filling tank with hot water. Scrub interior of steam tables thoroughly. Drain and rinse clean water.

SOFT DRINK EQUIPMENT …  Descale bottle washing machines.

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