"Aluma-Kleen #100"


Aluma-Kleen #100
  • Removes oxidation, corrosion, surface soil
  • Leaves aluminum surface bright and clean with a "like new" appearance
  • New advanced formulation for cleaning all types of aluminum


Soil penetrating “ALUMA-KLEEN” is unexcelled in cleaning and brightening aluminum truck tanks, aircraft and other transportation equipment.  Solvents, wetting agents and a special blend of organic and inorganic acids bite hard at all exterior soil so it can be rinsed away with water very easily.  SURE REMOVAL of all oxidation, corrosion and road film within minutes.


When properly rinsed will NOT streak aluminum surface.  Procedures excellent sheet flow rinse so the completed job is a “beautiful” luster-finish surface.


Abundant suds make “ALUMA-KLEEN” go farther.  Eliminates brush drag and minimizes run off.


“ALUMA-KLEEN” permits you to apply by spray or brush, without brush drag.  “ALUMA-KLEEN” will brighten aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, and iron.


Dilute with water before using.  The proper dilution is dependent on the nature of the work and upon temperature.  A suggested starting point is a 10% solution (approximately 10 gallons “ALUMA-KLEEN” to each 100 gallons of water) Badly soiled surfaces may need a stronger solution and a lesser-soiled surface, a more diluted solution. The proper procedure for using “ALUMA-KLEEN” is to spray the aluminum truck body thoroughly with clear water.  After spraying surface with clear water, apply the diluted “ALUMA-KLEEN” solution to the surface working from the bottom up of the truck.  DO NOT START FROM THE TOP OF THE TRUCK AND WORK DOWN.  THIS WILL RESULT IN A STREAKED SURFACE.  RINSE THOROUGHLY.  This will result in a bright, clear, streak-free surface.


“ALUMA-KLEEN” may produce slight etching on glass if not quickly rinsed.  “ALUMA-KLEEN” is not safe on chrome, tin, zinc, galvanized surfaces and magnesium. Precautions in using would be the same as with any acid based product.  Protective garments should be worn together with goggles for eye protection.