"Aluma Tap #120"

Aluminum Tapping, Threading, And Cutting Fluid

Ideal Aluminum Machining Fluid

Used As Flood Or Spot Lubricant

Outstanding Lubricity And Cooling

Exceptional Finish

        Effective For Other Metals

Davies “Aluma-Tap #120” is an outstanding machining fluid for aluminum.  To obtain proper machining and finish on this and other difficult to machine metals, a fluid with high lubricity and cooling is required and “Aluma-Tap #120” fills the bill.  This product is used for hand tapping, where it is applied drop wise, and in large machining operations where the machining is flood lubricated.

“Aluma-Tap #120” shows marked improvement of surface finish over competitive fluids, and boosts of flexibility of use in many machining operations.  “Aluma-Tap #120” is used without dilution, and will not stain or chemically attack sensitive aluminum alloys

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