"Aqua Treat 100"


Chemical Water Conditioner


  • Highly Concentrated
  • Controls Calcium Hardness
  • Helps to Prevent Iron Stains
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Test 

“Aqua-Treat #100” is a highly effective water softener/conditioner treatment. This product actually reduces calcium hardness as measured by a hardness kit. By softening the water, problems associated with hard water, such as mineral deposits in piping, mineral staining, etc. are eliminated or greatly reduced. “Aqua-Treat #100” is usually dispensed with a DAVIES “Chem-Pump” into water systems.


“Aqua-Treat #100” will soften 750 gallons of water with 10 grains of hardness with one-gallon treatment. It is essential to measure water hardness prior and after treatment. When softening extremely hard water, it is recommended to only soften 3-4 grains hard, to allow this slight amount of hardness to help buffer the water. 

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