Auto-Brite 1000

Non Silicone Automotive Dressing

  • Ideal For Auto Detail Shops
  • Adds Super Shine to Vinyl
  • “Blackens” Tires Like New
  • Highly Weather Resistant
  • Special Non-Silicone Formulation
  • Easy to Apply
  • Non-Freezing  

Davies “AUTO-BRITE #1000” represents all the best of non-silcone automotive dressings.  This sophisticated blend of brighteners, polishers, and cleaners adds hi-luster to vinyl, rubber hoses and seals, and tires.  “AUTO-BRITE #1000” actually repels water, and is far more durable than any emulsion-type product.  This formulation, being non-silicone, is designed for auto body shops, paint booths and used car lots where cars are “painted” to avoid problems that silicones bring to paint appications.


Spray “AUTO-BRITE #1000” directly on to clean vinyl, rubber hoses, cold engines (never hot), and tires.  Where puddling occurs, dab off excess with clean cotton towel, do not wipe.  Do not spray onto glass, steering wheel, or flooring.  As with any product, use with adequate ventilation.  Use sparingly on light colored vinyl.

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