"Bacteria-Ban #325 Tablets"


Davies "Bacteria-Ban #325 Tablets" prevents the growth of those microorganisms (bacteria) which cause rancidity in metal working fluids, especially oil based products. These tablets are most convenient and easy to use; no measuring is necessary. This protection, in conjunction with Davies tramp pads to remove excess tramp oil, greatly extends the fluid life, and maintains the fluid clean and operating correctly which lengthens tool life, increases machine productivity, and reduces downtime.


To effectively control rancidity, "Bacteria-Ban #325 Tablets" are added on a weekly schedule. For normal contamination, one table (1 oz.) is used per 25 gal. of diluted fluid; if the system is extremely fouled, use 2 tablets per 25 gal. of fluid. Protection is most effective when added on a Friday or before a brief shutdown period. After the tablet is added, the fluid should be fully circulated for an hour before shutdown.