"Boiler Acid # B.L. 70"


Boiler Acid # B.L. 70 is a special blend of selected acids blended together to attack the various kinds of minerals deposited as scale in a boiler. Added to the special acid blend is a high performance-penetrating agent to obtain maximum penetration. Special inhibitors blended with Boiler Acid # B.L. 70 prevent the acid from causing excessive damage to metal surfaces.


Before adding acid to boiler, the steam line should be shut off either by valve or disconnecting line to prevent acid from going into steam line. Hook up circulating pump for circulating acid water in boiler. The pump should be a pump made to withstand acids. A pH of 1 to 2 must be maintained in boiler to obtain optimum results. The amount of boiler acid needed will vary depending on water conditions and the type of scale built up in the boiler. As a starting point, add 5 gallons DAVIES Boiler Acid # B.L. 70 to each 100 gallons of water in the boiler. Various makes and models of boilers will vary as to amount of water in boiler. The following chart may be used as an approximate starting point and to adjust acid content using pH test as final guide.

15 H.P. 180 gal. water

100 H.P. 715 gal. water

25 H.P. 235 gal. water

150 H.P. 1115 gal. water

50 H.P. 290 gal. water

200 H.P. 1335 gal. water

After acid has been added to boiler water and adjusted to read a pH of 1 or2, start circulating pump and heat water to a temperature of 190° to 200° F.  Check pH each 30 minutes and add more acid as the acid dissipates itself dissolving the scale. It is difficult to estimate how much total acid will be needed to acidize a boiler due to various kinds of scale and severity of scale condition. Using a starting point of 5 gallons Boiler Acid # B.L. 70  to each 100 gallons of water and estimate the need of adding 2 gallons every ½ hour per 100 gallons of water for a period of 8 hours would make approximately the total acid needed to acidize a boiler approximately 21 to 29 gallons acid per 100 gallons water depending on an 8 hour or 12 hour acidizing job.