"Boiler-Kleen SCI 200"

Scale & Corrosion Inhibitor for Wood Burning Boilers

  • Effective pH Control
  • Good Corrosion & Scale Inhibition

Davies “Boiler Kleen SCI 200”satisfies the scale and corrosion inhibition needs for the latest generation of vented, circulating water, wood-burning boilers. This product is fortified with a proven rust inhibitive chemical package, which actually deposits a thin protective barrier film on metal surfaces. “Boiler Kleen SCI 200” is the ideal chemical treatment for Bimetallic Corrosion (BMC) potential in the newer stainless steel and aluminum boiler constructions.

BMC occurs when two dissimilar metals directly contact in an aqueous solution. The rate of corrosion is dependant on many factors, including metallic sensitivity, temperature, electrolyte concentration, circulation rate, and other engineering aspects.

“Boiler Kleen SCI 200” is an excellent single package product, with recommended treatment of 1 qt per 200 gal of water (initial dosage rate) to recently cleaned or new systems. Makeup water pH should be tested initially, prior to treatment. Adjustments of treatment levels will be determined by variations in the properties of the feedwater. Subsequent additions of ~ ½ pt., based on makeup water needs might be required to provide ongoing, long-term corrosion/scale inhibition. Easy to use pH test paper or a field-test kit are available for ensuring proper treatment levels of “Boiler Kleen SCI 200”. A pH range of 9.0 – 10.0 is recommended for optimal performance.