"Boiler-Kleen WBO"

Complete Water Treatment for Wood Burning Boilers

Test Kits Available

  • Effective Oxygen Control
  • Outstanding Corrosion Protection
  • Easy to Use and Test
  • Fast and Complete Coverage
  • Concentrated, Inexpensive to Use 

Davies “Boiler-Kleen WBO” satisfies the need for complete water treatment for the latest generation of vented, water circulating, wood burning boilers.  This product is fortified with a fast acting Oxygen Scavenger chemical package that chemically removes corrosive Oxygen from systems.  Effective corrosion inhibitors are also utilized to help protect metal surfaces from a variety of corrosion.

In addition to the outstanding rust preventers in “Boiler-Kleen WBO”, a scale inhibitor system is used to help prevent mineral depositions and scale formation.  Properly treated, circulatory water systems can run for many years before a clean-out is required.

Boiler treatment is simple, with recommended treatment of 1 qt. Per 200 gallons of water, per season.  Treatment must be adjusted for water with severe properties, or systems with more chemically demanding requirements.  D.W. Davies offers an easy-to-use, field-test kit for ensuring proper treatment levels.

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