“BOILER-NEUTRO” is a special liquid blend of alkine material and is used immediately after acidizing a boiler. “BOILER-NEUTRO” also will attack.“BOILER-NEUTRO” has been found to be effective in knowing loose some last traces of scale that may be left in boiler and neutralize boiler at the same time.


  1. Drain all water treated with acid.
  2. Remove all loose excess scale in boiler
  3. Fill boiler with fresh water.
  4. Add enough “BOILER-NEUTRO” to bring the pH of boiler to 12 or 13. Approximately 1 gallon “BOILER-NEUTRO” TO 100 GALLONS WATER WILL GENERALLY BRING THE Ph TO 13. Slightly more may be needed depending on conditions.
  5. Bring water temperature up to approximately 180°and circulate for approximately one hour.
  6. Drain boiler completely.
  7. Remove all remaining loose excess scale in boiler, fill with fresh water.
  8. Add enough “NO-SCALE” boiler compound to bring pH to 13 and boiler is ready for operation.


The above procedure is for badly scaled boilers. If boiler is not badly scale, the amount of “BOILER-NEUTRO” needed, will be much less and it will not be as necessary to circulate for 1 hour.
For light scale, simply add enough “BOILER-NEUTRO” to bring pH of 9. Circulate for 15 minutes.


“BOILER-NEUTRO”is a highly alkaline formula. Protective goggles should be worn to protect eyes in event of splashing.