New Technology Floor Finish

Protect and Beautify Your Floors

Floors in shopping center malls, hospitals, auditoriums, stores, and schools and other heavy pedestrian traffic areas really take a beating. But they don’t have to look beat. Bring the luster back to your floors with hard working Brite-Beauty”. This is a spectacular cross-linked acrylic co-polymer that provides a glass clear gloss of remarkable durability. It is highly resistant to detergents, yet it is readily removed with a good stripper. For full protection and renewed beauty for floors in any area, rely on Davies Brite-Beauty. Coverage of up to1750 ft² per gallon is expected with proper application.


For all types of floors… light or dark… hard or resilient (Asphalt, Vinyl, Vinyl Asbestos, Rubber, Linoleum, Terrazzo, Travertine, Concrete, Cork.) For every kind of traffic.


  1. Gives a glass-clear hard non-yellowing gloss without buffing.
  2. Will not discolor or give unsightly build-up problems
  3. Dirt and soil cannot penetrate the clear, hard gloss film-reducing heel marking, scuffing, soiling, and scratching problems.
  4. No buffing necessary in application or maintenance.
  5. Low maintenance costs
  6. Beautiful hard glass-clear gloss maintained for long film life.


  1. Remove old wax, film, dirt, grease and other foreign matter.
  2. Neutralize floor with Davies “Floor Neutro” or give at least 2 rinses with water. Allow floor to dry thoroughly.
  3. After “Floor Neutro” has been applied and removed from floor, give one more thorough rinse with clear water. Allow drying thoroughly.
  4. Apply thin coat with lamb’s wool applicator. Allow drying thoroughly between costs (20-30 minutes). Apply 2-4 more thin coats for maximum long lasting brilliant gloss.


No buffing necessary (can be lightly buffed if desired). Mop with Davies “Mop Brite” to restore original brilliant shine. To rejuvenate and restore heavily soiled floors, periodically mop floor with Davies “Mop-N-Shine”. To renew gloss or to recover uniform films… apply another coat or add 1 to 2 quarts of material to final rinse water.


Wax stripper removes finish quickly when necessary


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