"Car Wash #100"

Car Wash #200
  • Exceptionally high foam
  • Excellent for hard water
  • Ideal for automatic brush operations or hand washing
  • Tough on dirt but gentle on hands and car finish
  • Highly concentrated

Davies “CAR-WASH #100” represents the latest technology of ultra high foam combined with exceptional tolerance to hard water.  Dirt, grime and road film are completely cleaned away without harm to car finish.  A 1:100 dilution (approximately 1 oz. per gal.) produces a pH of 8.0, and completely softens 10 grain per gal. water.  “CAR-WASH #100” is equally effective in automatic brush car wash or manual hand washing.  A synergistic blend of detergents, soil emulsifiers and suspending agents, and builders produce the outstanding cleaning results of this product.  “CAR-WASH #100” is completely free rinsing and will not remove wax.


Use ½ oz. to 2 oz. per gal. of water depending on soil severity and water conditions.  Soft water will require less product and harder water will require more product to obtain equivalent foam level.

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