"Chem Pump"

Boiler Chemical Dispensing Pump

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Heavy Duty, Dependable
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Easy To Maintain 

Davies “Chem Pump”represents a heavy duty, quality chemical pump at a very competitive price.  “Chem Pump” will pump up to 20 GPD (gallons per day), is fully adjustable, and will pump against 150 PSI.  “Chem Pump” will accurately pump Davies “No Scale” into a boiler, however, the “No Scale” should be diluted with water (1:10, 5 gal. “No Scale” to 50 gal. of water) before pumping. 

“Chem Pump”is also recommended for dispensing Davies “Aqua Treat 900” threshold treatment into water lines for treatment of potable water.  “Chem Pump” will also dispense Davies “Algae Out” and “Scale Ban” to cooling towers.

“Chem Pump”can be purchased separately, or with a polyethylene 55 gal. mixing tank.