"CIP Kleen 200"

Heavy Duty Causticized Detergents




High Power Cleaning

Ideal for Daily CIP Use

Economical to Use

Active Water Conditioner

Davies “CIP-KLEEN # 200” are hard working, causticized chelate products that do an excellent cleaning job for dairy application.  CIP, which means ‘clean in place’, is a modern cleaning procedure, applies to pipelines, tanks, pasteurizers, which are cleaned as is, without disassembly.  Many customers call this type of product “Caustic”.  However, these are sophisticated compounds that are formulated to perform several cleaning functions simultaneously.  In many dairies and food plants, a causticized cleaner like CIP-KLEEN # 200” is used for daily cleaning, followed by a water rinse.  The system is then neutralized with a special non-foaming acid, such as “STONE-X #200”, water rinsed and then sanitized with “SUPER-SAN”.  All CIP cleaning must have low foam, otherwise cleaning and pumping is impaired.

“CIP-KLEEN #200” is chlorine containing, which controls odors better and removes organic soils easier.  Since the product contains chlorine, it will exhibit some anti-bacterial action. It is not uncommon for a customer to use both products for different cleaning operations,  “CIP-KLEEN #200” is used for more difficult jobs or where more odor control is desired.


Use “CIP-KLEEN” at ¼ to 1 ounce per gallon of water.  Adjust usage and time depending on cleaning conditions and soil severity.  Depending on customer procedure, rinse and sanitize with “SUPER-SAN” or rinse, acid-neutralizer, with “STONE-X #200” rinse and then sanitize.  Do not use on aluminum or galvanized surfaces.