"D.W. Concentrate"

All Purpose Detergent
Removes the Dirt, But Not the Wax!

  • Ideal for maintaining newly finished or newly waxed floors!
  • Concentrated – can be diluted to fit any cleaning job!
  • Has attractive pink color, refreshing citrus aroma!
  • Removes surface dirt without harming the wax finish at the proper use dilution!
  • Safe for use on wood, composition floors, painted surfaces, metal, plastic, concrete, terrazzo, etc.
Here is a modern detergent cleaner that does what much soap will not do – and it does safely! It loosens dirt particles from the surface and holds them in suspension till they are rinsed away (some soaps have a tendency to dry and re-deposit the dirt), and, this special detergent will remove the soil without removing the wax or other floor polish. You save a lot of refinishing time – and there’s no scum left to dull the gloss of the floor! Use it with hard or soft water on any surface not harmed by water. Dilute it to any strength you like, let it go to work – then mop it off, clean, beautiful floors – just like that!

Description: A scientific blend of wetting agents and synthetic detergent materials that can be diluted with water to suit any cleaning need.


  • A fast, thorough chemical cleaning action
  • Concentrated for economy and adaptability to any cleaning requirement
  • Pleasant appearance and citrus aroma
  • No abrasives, acids or alkali to harm floors
  • Effective on wax, great, dirt and stains
  • Removes the dirt but not the finish

Recommended: For wood, composition and concrete floors where surface dirt must be removed without harming the glossy finish. Also effective for all metal and painted surfaces.

Application: Dilute this concentrate in water (preferably hot water, but will also work in cold water) to make a solution that best meets your cleaning needs. Consult the dilution table on the container. Mop it on the floor or surface to be cleaned. Allow a few minutes for it to loosen the dirt. It may be necessary to scrub very heavily soiled floors. Remove dirty solution with a mop, squeegee or vacuum pick-up. If floor is to be waxed or sealed, rinse and allow drying thoroughly.

Coverage: Varies with strength of solution and soiled condition of the surface.

Drying Time: The same amount of time you would allow for water to dry from a floor.

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