"Dance Floor Wax"

A black and white dance floor photo.
  • Produces perfect dance floor
  • Ideal for shuffleboard use
  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated

Davies “Dance Floor Wax” produces a perfect dance floor surface. It is specially compounded to give a controlled slip hard finish to all types of floors. “Dance Floor Wax” is clean, dustless and will not soil garments or shoes. Application is easy, just sprinkle onto surface, dancing does the rest. These products will not cake or clog, and will not become sticky or gummy due to heat, friction, or moisture. “Dance Floor Wax” has large covering capacity and long wearing qualities.


Sprinkle lightly over clean floor. Brush “Dance Floor Wax” over dancing area with push broom, then sweep off excess wax. Smooth floors require little product, more rough floors need additional wax. Add “Dance Floor Wax” as needed to produce ideal dancing conditions.


Davies “Dance Floor Wax” has also proven to be a quality product for shuffleboard. Application allows for controlled lubrication, assuring true touch and proper speed control required by world-class shuffleboard competition. Sprinkle “Dance Floor Wax” lightly over surface, and brush evenly; do not over use.

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