Cleaner – Degreaser – Wax Stripper


DC-47Dissolves grease, oil soil

Economical to purchase

Easy to use

Low foaming

Broad spectrum cleaning

Davies “DC-47” is the little brother of our successful and powerful “DC-99”. “DC-47” contains all of the same ingredients as “DC-99”, BUT IN LOWER CONCENTRATIONS. So “DC-47” can clean as well as “DC-99” but will require higher concentrations. “DC-47” is intended for those customers who are more concerned about purchase cost per gallon as actual cost of operations. “DC-99” is a better bargain for overall costs due to its much higher activity. “DC-47” is used for cleaning floors, white wall tires, industrial machines, engines, etc.

Directions:  For heavy duty cleaning, dilute 1:2 with water; using hot water will provide faster and more complete cleaning. For moderate soil, use 1 to 5 dilutions with water. Always rinse off well with water, especially when cleaning sensitive surfaces such as Aluminum, Copper, and painted. “DC-47” is a moderate alkali and should be used accordingly.

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