USDA Approved All-Purpose Cleaner 

  • Heavy duty cleaning action
  • Highly concentrated for low cost cleaning
  • USDA Approved for food equipment, Utensils, Walls, Floors, etc.
  • Strong degreasing, Soil removal power
  • Non-Flammable, No odor 

Davies “DC-88” was designed to meet the needs of the food industry for a heavy duty cleaner that is government (USDA) approved for all surfaces. Our “DC-99” is a time tested, field proven, excellent cleaner, but is only USDA approved for floors and walls. “DC-88” has full approval for all surface cleaning in food plants, heavy oils, grease, food soil, etc. are easily removed with dilute solutions of “DC-88”. This product is not meant to compete with “DC-99”, but to be used where all surface cleaning in food plants is required. “DC-88” exhibits moderate foam action

“DC-88” is highly concentrated, and dilution levels will depend on soil severity and wash conditions. For heavy soil, dilute 1:20 (6 oz./gal.) for medium soil use 1:30 (4 oz./gal.) and for painted surfaces and light soil use 1:50 (2 oz./gal.). A thorough water rinse is required after cleaning.