"DeBurr #255"

Vibratory Finishing Compound

Davies "DeBurr #255" represents a quality, general use compound for vibratory finishing and other mass finishing processes. This product boasts of outstanding cleaning and corrosion protection, with proper foam levels. "DeBurr #255" is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metal, and is used in batch, automated batch type, continuous in-line equipment and blow through systems. Good results are obtained with abrasive and non-abrasive media, steel, plastic, and ceramic media. "DeBurr #255" is used as a carrier for abrasive additives.


"DeBurr #255" is used in the range of ½-2 ounces per gallon of water, depending on soil load and severity, water conditions, and various equipment and processing conditions. The flow through dispenser system is the most common mean of feeding compound. A chemical pump or venturi injector is used to add "DeBurr #255" to a water line, which feeds a supply manifold on the finisher, and constantly adds compound solution as the parts are being finished. Proper dilution and flow rate is critical in obtaining results in a proper time frame without waste.

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