"Dura Gloss"


  • Durable, Protective Finish
  • ‘Wet Look’, High Shine
  • Easy to Use & Maintain
  • Protects Resilient Floors
  • Ideal for Commercial Use

Davies ‘DURA-GLOSS’ represents the best available technology in commercial floor finish today. Ultra high shine, ‘wet look’ appearance, with extremely durable features, makes ‘DURA-GLOSS’ top of the class. This product responds well with high speed or propane burnishing, as well as without. ‘DURA-GLOSS’ is applicable for most floor surfaces, including tile, rubber, sealed wood, ceramic, quarry tile, terrazzo, marble, linoleum, etc. ‘DURA-GLOSS’ is our premium product to change ordinary floors to showcase floors.



Floors must be cleaned (stripped) and properly prepared (neutralized) prior to application. Stripping is not required if the previous finish is in good condition. If wax stripping is needed, use DAVIES ‘Zip-Strip’ according to directions, and rinse off completely with hot water. Using a clean, rayon (Great White Finish Mop) waxing mop or lambswool applicator, apply 2-3 coats of ‘Dura-Seal’to fill in the pores of the floor. Then apply 2 or more coats of ‘DURA-GLOSS’ , using a parallel ‘Figure 8’ stroke with overlapping application. Allow to dry completely between coats. The number of coats needed depends on the porosity of the floor and the desired level of shine. The more coats, the greater the shine and most importantly the greater the durability. 

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