Sweeps and Dusts in One Operation to Give Sparkling Floors Stops Floor Dust! 

  • Removes dirt, dust, grit and other soil from wood, composition tile, linoleum, cork and concrete!
  • Will not harm or soften sealer, finishes, wax or polymer coatings!
  • Keeps floors clean and bright with a minimum of cost!
  • Fresh, pleasant aroma! Will not stain! 

Why move dust and dirt from one place to another? Only by picking it up can you eliminate the dust nuisance from your floors. The best way to pick up all the dirt is with a mop treated with this product! Daily sweeping in this way will insure a cleaner, healthier floor – and reduce the workload for maintenance personnel. Using this dust mop treatment, you will remove the soil quickly and cleanly and at the same time help retard rubber marking of the floors. It’s easy to use… just apply sparingly to a cotton dust mop – you’ll give your floors a “dry cleaning” treatment that’s much easier and more effective then wet mopping – and a real time saver!

“Dust Kleen #100 Oil Type Dust Mop Treatment

“Dust Kleen 100” is a time tested, standard of the industry, dust mop treatment. “Dust Kleen 100” enables dust mops to pick up dirt and dust like a super magnet. Dust mops can be sprayed with or dipped into “Dust Kleen 100”, or the floor can be lightly sprayed (1 gallon per 3,000 sq. ft) directly with the treatment. Use “Dust Kleen 100” on a regular basis for dust-free floors.

“Dust Kleen #200” Emulsion Type Dust Mop Treatment

“Dust Kleen 200” is an emulsified, ready to use, Dust Mop Treatment. “Dust Kleen 200” is ideal for customers who have small requirements for dust mop treatment or who desire a ready to use, emulsified product. The advantage of an emulsified dust mop treatment is that it will help in removal of water soluble soils besides completely removing floor dust.

“Dust Kleen #300” Concentrate Emulsion Type Dust Mop Treatment

Dilute with 10 parts of water.

“Dust Kleen 300” is an emulsifiable concentrate dust mop treatment designed to be dispersed with 10 parts of water. “Dust Kleen 300” represents the most economical end use dust mop treatment available and is widely used by large volume customers. Dust mops treated with emulsified “Dust Kleen 300” gives outstanding cleaning and exceptional ‘dust-magnetism’. For super savings and remarkable performance, use “Dust Kleen 300”