A heavy duty rinse machine.
  • Easy Dri 100, 1500, 190, & 200
  • Rinse Agents For All Water and Washing Conditions
  • Easy to Dispense Fluids
  • Safe on All Equipment

“EASY-DRI” #100

The most widely used, non-acid, rinse additive that exhibits excellent rinsing, very low foam, and also acts as a detergent to assist in cleaning… leaves crystals sparkling… shines silverware… washes away soap films… lifts away clinging soil… eliminates all spots and streaks.

“EASY- DRI” #150

“EASY-DRI” 150 contains chemical water conditioners and is used where lime build up is a problem due to hard water—has all the features of #100 but is designed for dishwashing accounts that do not have water softeners or softeners not operating correctly.

“EASY-DRI” #190

Institutional type rinse additive that is designed to be used in conjunction with large flight- type machines. Water conditions must be of optimum quality for washing and rinsing. A water sample must be submitted to our lab to make determination whether the quality of water is such that “EASY-DRI” #190 will function.


This formulation is intended for the most severe water and / or cleaning conditions. Special water conditioners are used to complement proper sheeting- drying action where hard water or low rinse pressure flow occur.