Non Scrub Floor Stripper

  • Newest Floor Cleaning Technology
  • Removes Wax Without Floor Machine
  • Easy To Use
  • Mop On, Vacuum Off
  • Fast Acting, 2-5 Minutes 

Davies “Easy Strip represents the newest technology in floor finish and wax stripping. The stripper solution is mopped on; the finish softens and visibly detaches, and is then removed with a wet vacuum. Simple, fast, and effective. A floor machine with a black stripping pad is not required. “Easy Strip” saves time, labor, and money.


Dilute 3 to 1 for light wax coating and 1 to 1 for heavy wax build-up. Mop generous amount of “Easy Strip” solution onto floor; chemical action can be seen immediately. Thorough stripping requires 2 to 5 minutes, depending on wax conditions. After wax is dissolved, remove solution with a wet vacuum and thoroughly rinse the cleaned floor to remove all traces of stripper and removed finish (wax). More rinsing is recommended for better floor preparation prior to applying finish. 

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