"Easy-Tap #100"


Tapping Fluid

Tapping ~ Drilling ~ Boring ~ Threading ~ Lathe Cut-Off ~ Profile Milling

  • Easier and Faster Machining
  • Improves Surface Finish
  • Increases Thread Accuracy
  • Sulfur Free (Not a Cutting Oil)
  • Not for use on aluminum or plastics

Effective On:

Stainless Steel      Beryllium Copper     Renee 41      Brass      Monel

Chrome Moly         Chromium       IronTitanium       Tungsten     Iconel

Apply a few drops to tool as it contacts work and as pressure builds up. “Easy-Tap” immediately breaks down surface tensions and adhesions. Improves surface finish by eliminating scuff marks, produces a cleaner, truer thread, releases stuck taps and stops tool breakage. Quick evaporation leaves a clean surface.