"Easy-Tap #200"


Thick, Heavy Duty Tapping, Threading Oil 

  • Outstanding Lubricity
  • Manual Lubricant Application
  • Excellent Surface Finish
  • Increased Thread Accuracy
  • Ideal for the Most Severe Machining Jobs
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Contains EP Additives 

Davies “EASY-TAP 200” is a heavy duty, tapping, threading oil, designed for manual lubricant feed.  Because of its excellent lubricity and EP properties, it is ideal for boring, milling, turning, planing, broaching, hobbing, etc.  “EASY-TAP 200” is fed either manually or with a pump system to prevent the tool from welding to the stock, thus increasing finish and tool life.

“EASY-TAP 200” is ideal for carbon steel, cast iron, tool and other hardened steel, brass and other yellow metals, stainless steel, and chrome alloys.