"Floor Pads"

From stripping to polishing, DAVIES floor pads are an essential part of your floor care needs. We stock a variety of sizes and color for every floor machine size and specialty. We have this guide to help you understand the difference in colors.

Red- Auto Scrub / Light Cleaning

A light abrasive pad for light cleaning. The fibers are more open to help keep the pad from glazing over. Can be used under automatic machines for nightly cleaning schedules.

White- A non-abrasive pad for dry polishing pad for slow speed floor machines. The White-Polish pad will level scratches for a high luster.

Green- A medium abrasive pad for wet scrubbing. This pad will remove embedded soil and black marks found in heavy traffic areas without stripping your finish to the tile

Black-An abrasive pad used primarily for wax-stripping.

Razorback- An abrasive pad with a more open weave, which prevents ‘clogging’ of the pad while stripping.

Super-speed Rubberized– A totally synthetic, non-aggressive pad designed for burnishing and polishing with a high-speed or ultra high speed floor machine. The rubberized coating creates friction needed to repair softer finishes.  The Superspeed Rubberized

floor pad will create a high gloss shine.

Gorilla – Blended natural fiber pad that gives a ‘wet-look’ shine. Gorilla pads are made with a blend of natural fiber and polyester. This blend uses properties of both fibers to create the most unique and respected floor pad on the market today. To clean it, just brush away dried wax with the die-cut center.

Aqua– This pad is designed for a burnishing schedule that calls for use 3-4 nights per week. It produces a very bright ‘wet-look’ shine with soft to medium finishes. Use with Electric, Battery or propane floor machines with speeds of 1500 to 3000 rpm.

Blue– A medium abrasive pad for spray cleaning. To clean a lightly soiled floor, use this pad with spray solution of D.W. Concentrate.