"Foam Kleen 100"

High Foaming Degreaser

Hi-Foam Cleaning Action

Strong Detergent Power

Easy, Economical To Use

Ideal For Foam Application


DIRECTIONS:Davies “Foam Kleen #100”is an excellent, high-foaming degreaser.  This product can be diluted manually or by standard dispensers, and is applied via foaming applicators.  “Foam Kleen #100” is ideal for cleaning in meat departments, bakeries, and other food processing applications.  The thick, rich foam that is produced clings to vertical and horizontal surfaces, allowing the strong detergent action to soften and loosen oil/grease soils.  After sufficient contact, a strong water rinse will remove the soils.  Davies “Super San” should then be applied as a final sanitizing rinse.

For general cleaning conditions, dilute “Foam Kleen #100” 1:20 with water.  For heavy or tenacious soil conditions, use up to 1:10 dilution; for light soil, use as little as 1:80.  Apply with standard foamers or via sponge.  Allow sufficient contact time for soil penetration, and rinse off with water.

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