"Foam-X A-115"

High Performance Industrial Defoamer

Davies "Foam-X A-115" offers the best of current technology in effective foam control. This product offers essentially spontaneous foam knockdown and excellent hold-down (after reagitation). "Foam-X A-115" is non-silicone based and is easy to disperse in water systems. Applications include:

  •     Paper process manufacturing-White/Brown Stock
  •     Water based inks
  •     Effluent water treatment
  •     Metal cleaners and machining fluids
  •     Miscellaneous nonfood applications

"Foam-X A-115" is a viscous, off-white liquid with long term stability. This product has no flash point, and has a neutral pH (6.5-7.5). Dispersibility of "Foam-X A-115" is easy in aqueous systems, and can be pre-diluted with water to optimize results for some systems.


Final usage dilution can only be obtained via field tests. Some processes may need as little as 100 ppm (1 fl. oz. Per 800 gal.) of "Foam-X A-115" or less and others may need up to 200 ppm (1 fl. oz. Per 40 gal.) or more.