"Hi Score 1000"

Bowling Lane Cleaner, Concentrate


Fast Acting, Safe, Alley Dressing Remover
Effective Surface Cleaning Agent
A Concentrate which is Diluted for Use
Does Not Leave Film on Lanes
Easy on Lane Finish

Composition & Characteristics
“Hi Score” 1000 is a new type of synthetic formulation that is combined with special cleaning agents.  The fast action of this product on alley surfaces is best demonstrated by the elimination of surface soil and the uniformity of the reapplied dressing.  “Hi Score” 1000 is diluted from 1:3 to 1:10 depending on soil severity and cleaning procedures.  Starting point dilution is 1:4.

Directions For Use – Entire Lane

1. Run lanes with lane duster before starting to clean lanes.

2. Provide a 5 gallon (19 liter) bucket or large pail for soaking cleaning utility cloths or towels.

3. Soak two lane cloths or one heavy towel in “Hi Score” 1000 solution, squeeze out excess cleaner and apply to a lane broom with cloths almost dripping wet.

4. Push broom with cloths from foul line to pin deck, scrub pin deck and back 6 to 8 ft. (1.8-2.4 meters) in front of masking unit.  Turn around and push broom with cloths back to foul line.  Use heavy pressure on broom on both passes.

5. Dry Wipe immediately with two clean, dry lane cloths or a heavy towel on the broom.  Push with pressure from foul line to pin deck and then pull back to foul line to eliminate footprints.

6. One cleaning should suffice.  If a second treatment is necessary, follow steps 1 through 5.

7. Use fresh cleaning material as needed.  Rinse out cloths in clean water when they get dirty.  Provide an adequate supply of dry cloths so that the dry wipe is really effective

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