Cleaning with "Kleen-Kote"
  • Repels soil from treated surfaces
  • Protects glass, stainless steel, etc. from finger marks and smudges
  • Easy to use; spray or wipe on
  • Increases water repellency

Cleaning and keeping stainless steel free from fingerprints is easy work for DAVIES “Kleen-Kote.” Every commercial kitchen and food service should have “Kleen-Kote” on hand to maintain a bright, sanitary appearance. “Kleen-Kote” is ideal for cleaning stainless steel, plus a bright microscopic finish remains that protects and repels dust. This durable protective shield resists dirt, fingerprints, water spots, grime, etc., and makes clean up quicker and easier. “Kleen-Kote” is also recommended for brightening and protecting glass, vinyl, Formica, paneling, wood, leather, plastic and painted surfaces.

“Kleen-Kote” represents a definite scientific breakthrough in cleaning and polishing hard surfaces. “Kleen-Kote” is an easy to use liquid that can be sprayed or poured directly onto areas to be cleaned. “Kleen-Kote” contains no wax and cannot cause unsightly wax build up. The finish that remains on hard surfaces, stays clean and bright and does not discolor with age.


Apply “Kleen-Kote” to a clean, dry cloth, or spray or pour directly onto the surface to be treated. Rub “Kleen-Kote” into the surface and buff to a high gloss. One coat offers substantial protection; additional coats will increase water repellency, luster and non-soiling qualities. Spray stainless steel with “Kleen-Kote”, rub, and wipe dry, leaving a beautiful bright finish that protects against fingerprints, dust etc. For paneling, spray directly onto surface and wipe dry; repeat if necessary. The “Kleen-Kote” protection will maintain paneling clean and bright by repelling dust and airborne soils.