Liquid Flatware Presoak

  • Adds Gleam to Silverware
  • Increases Cleaning Efficiency
  • Softens and Removes Food and Mineral Soil
  • Complete Solubility
  • Easy to Use
  • Effective on Silver and Stainless Steel Flatware
Flatware sparkling in the light.

Davies “KLEEN-N-SOAK” liquid completes the flatware cleaning program by loosening soils due to food, minerals, etc., and helping the dishwasher to more completely clean flatware. Can be used in plastic containers. Works best with warm to hot water, but can be used with cold water.


For general purpose flatware soaking, use 1 oz. per gallon of warm water and allow the flatware to soak 15-30 minutes. For more difficult soils, use additional “KLEEN-N-SOAK” and allow to soak longer. For very greasy flatware, Davies “GREEN-MAGIC” will work better.

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