"Kleen-Sol 700"


Parts Cleaning

Without Chlorinated Solvents

Fast, Effective, Low Cost! 


Parts cleaners and hot water-based cleaning fluids are today’s better alternatives to chlorinated solvents.  Choose from a wide variety of features, specifications, sizes and options - - from an economical 16-gallon drum to large, automated “TURBO-WASH” spray cleaning with high-pressure spray and flooding technique.  Completely non-abrasive action is ideal for cleaning precision-machined parts . . . NO MESS fluid changeover.  Exclusive detergent neutralizer systems allows low cost, do-it-yourself treating of used fluid to meet local and federal regulations for disposal.

“KLEEN-SOL 700” washes away most oils, grease, varnish, carbons, oxalates soils, rust, etc. formulations for ferrous and non-ferrous metals; carbon and alloy steels; plus most metals, plastics and rubbers. Completely biodegradable and non-flammable.


Dilution is directly dependent on temperature soil severity, and cleaning conditions.  At room temperature, dilute 1:8.  For optimum cleanings heat to 120°F and dilute 1:15.  Steel parts cleaned with “KLEEN-SOL 700” are protected with a water-soluble rust inhibitive film, and should not be rinsed following cleaning.  Dilute 1:10 when using as sump cleaner in machine sumps; circulate as necessary, drain and rinse.