Condenser Coil Cleaner

"Koil-Brite" is a special blend of acids and penetrating agents for coil cleaning that will immediately dissolve and clean all contaminates from inner coils with foaming action that pushes outward allowing both surfaces of coils be clean simultaneously. It is not harmful to equipment.


  1. Use only with system shut off.
  2. Dilute with five(5) parts water.
  3. Spray directly on coil, using a low-pressure sprayer.
  4. If necessary to penetrate multibank coil unit, repeat spray as needed.
  5. Rinse thoroughly with water after four(4) to eight (8) minutes


"Koil-Brite" is a blend of various acids complete with penetrants, wetting and foam agents. It is recommended that eye protection be used when using to prevent the possibility of splashing in the eyes. Rubber gloves are to be used for hand protection. In the event of skin contact, flush immediately with water. In the event of eye splash, wash eye immediately for 5 minutes and get medical aid.