Evaporator Coil Cleaner

"Koil-Kleen" is especially made for cleaning A/C evaporator coils of any size. "Koil-Kleen" will mix with condensate, eliminating slime, dirt and lint through the condensate area and is thoroughly rinsed off by the condensate water.

"Koil-Kleen" is also excellent for cleaning temporary or permanent filters and widely used for the cleaning of the electronic air filters.


Dilute one (1) part "Koil-Kleen" with six (6) parts water and apply with low or high pressure spraying device to "air in" side with unit or system operating. Apply directly to coils saturating thoroughly.

For large walk-in air handlers, saturate coils thoroughly with system off - - get out and turn on system.

For cleaning temporary or permanent filters. Dilute one (1) part "Koil-Kleen" to ten (10) parts water and flush.

For cleaning electronic air filters. Dilute one (1) part "Koil-Kleen" to twelve (12) parts water. Agitate well and rinse thoroughly with water after 10 - 20 minutes.