"Kutsol #100"

Heavy Duty All-Purpose Metal Working Fluid

"Kutsol 100" is a premium oil base, all-purpose metalworking fluid, designed for a multitude of metalworking operations such as tapping, surface broaching, reaming, boring, milling, turning, sawing and grinding, etc.

"Kutsol 100" contains anti-weld and lubricity additives to enhance machining performance. "Kutsol 100" is fortified with several bacteria controlling agents which greatly extend the life of the fluid by preventing growth of the microorganisms which cause rancidity in metalworking fluids. "Kutsol 100" outperforms Trimsol in finish, tool life and sump life.


"Kutsol 100" dilution in water depends on the machining operation, type of metal, finish requirements, and expected tool life. Dilutions of 1:5 to 1:60 with water are possible with "Kutsol 100".

A suggested starting point dilution would be 1 part ("Kutsol 100") to 25 parts water. The best way to determine the right dilution is through the actual field trial. Dilute "Kutsol 100" 1:40 for grinding.

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