Concentrated Floor Cleaner

Strips Wax & Cuts Grease 


Daily Floor Cleaning
Use 1 part “Kwick-Kleen” to 20 parts water.

Removing Heavy Grease
Use 1 part “Kwick-Kleen” to 5 parts water.

Automobile White wall Tire Cleaner
Use 1 part “Kwick-Kleen” to 5 parts water

Automobile Plastic Interior
Use 1 part “Kwick-Kleen” to 5 parts water.

If hands are to be subjected to “Kwick-Kleen” solutions for prolonged periods of time, rubber gloves are recommended 

 Kwick-Kleen” is excellent for removing wax build-up from floors, and also for removing heavy grease from exhaust fans and stovetops. It can be used to clean automobile whitewall tires and automobile plastic interiors.   

Wax Stripping

Use 1 part “Kwick-Kleen” to 5 parts water. Mop “Kwick-Kleen” solution onto floors and allow it to remain for 2 to 3 minutes before scrubbing. This allows “Kwick-Kleen” to penetrate old wax. Scrub floor with a tough bristle scrub brush or nylon scouring pad; rinse floor well with clean water. To remove heavy build-ups, complete one small area at a time. Use “Kwick-Kleen” on tile, terrazzo, linoleum, and cement floors. It’s not recommended for wood floors.

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