Professional Detailer Auto Polish

  • Fast Application
  • Excellent High Shine
  • Easy Rub-Out
  • Ideal For All Finishes
  • Economical to Use
  • Contains "Teflon"

Davies “KWICK-WAX” is ideal for professional auto detail use.  As the name states, this product goes on fast and comes off fast, leaving a showroom finish.  Application is easy, with a clean soft cloth.  The drying time for “KWICK-WAX” is quick, and will vary with weather conditions.  Hand rub out is fast and easy, leaving a deep shine.  “KWICK-WAX” does not powder as do most auto polishes.  DuPont “Teflon” is added for enhanced durability.


Apply “KWICK-WAX” directly onto clean vehicle surface and spread evenly with soft cloth.  Allow polish to “haze” and then rub out with a clean, soft cloth.  Always apply polish in ventilated, shady area, never in hot sunlight.  As with all auto polish, shake “KWICK-WAX” prior to use.

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