• Dissolves lime dish machines resulting from hard water conditions.
  • Removes lime or soap film build-up on tile walls and floors.
  • Occasional wiping of stainless steel surfaces restores original luster
  • Positive acting and safe when used as directed. 



“LIME-X” is a concentrated liquid for use in dish machines, to dissolve lime scale build-up. It contains surfactants and emulsifiers to penetrate and take off lime and other difficult deposits. It is also recommended for use on food service equipment such as: stainless steel steam tables, food preparation equipment and coffee urns.


“LIME-X”, straight, or in solution, should not have prolonged contact with metals or excessively high temperatures of solutions. Always rinse thoroughly after cleaning.


Safe when used as directed, on stainless steel, such as: dish machines (interior and exterior), steam tables, glassware, coffee urns, china and plastic ware. “LIME-X” removes water minerals fast and easy, leaving clean, new-looking surface.“LIME-X” removes water mineral deposits faster than “ACID-KLEEN”. 


For use in dish machines: A SINGLE TANK (1) Spray or brush“LIME-X” at full strength on hard to reach or heavily encrusted areas encrusted areas. (2) Fill tank ¾ full with hot water. (3) Add ½ to 1-gallon of “LIME-X” (4) Turn on machine and circulate solution until lime film is removed. (5) Drain tank and flush clean, hot water. B. DOUBLE TANK (1) spray or brush “LIME-X” at full strength on hard to reach or heavily encrusted areas. (2) Fill both tanks (wash and rinse) ¾ full (3) Add ½ to 1-gallon of“LIME-X” to each tank. (4) Repeat steps 3 to 4 listed above.


GLASSWARE: (1) Soak glassware in “LIME-X” solution – 2 oz.“LIME-X” to 1-gallon hot water. (2) Brush thoroughly inside and out with “LIME-X” solution. (3) Rinse with clean water and drain dry.


STAINLESS STEEL(DO NOT USE ON ANODIZED) (1) Wipe with solution 1 oz. “LIME-X” to 3 gallons hot water. (2) Rinse and wipe dry.


STEAM TABLES (1) Spray or brush full strength directly on steam coils. (2) Let stand 5 minutes. (3) Fill tank with hot water. (4) Brush steam table interior thoroughly. (5) Drain and rinse with clean water.


TILE WALLS AND FLOORS(1) Brush solution 2 oz.“LIME-X” to 1 gallon water on surface. Rinse with clean water and dry.


CAUTION: ACIDIC LIQUIDFor contact with skin, wash off immediately with water; for contact with the eyes, flush eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and obtain medical care. Always wear rubber gloves when handling.