All Purpose Synthetic Machining Fluid

Davies "Lubra-Kool", a synthetic machining lubricant, is designed to cover a wide spectrum of machining applications. Machining operations, such as milling, drilling, cutting, etc. all apply to "Lubra-Kool". A wide variety of stock metals can be machined with this versatile coolant. Surface finish and tool life are maximized due to the unique E.P. properties of this product. A synergistic blend of components has been formulated to achieve optimum lubricity, EP, and corrosion protection. "Lubra-Kool" has been fortified with effective microbicides to resist bacterial and fungal growth which will promote longer fluid life. The specific gravity of "Lubra-Kool" is 1.05 and pH is 8.5.


The dilution of "Lubra-Kool" depends on the severity of the machining operation, metal type, and other machining conditions. A good starting dilution is 1:20. Concentration may need to be adjusted to fit individual machining operations. Concentration is easily measured with standard refractometers, with typical readings in the 1-3% Brix units range.

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