Machining Fluid Concentrates

The D. W. Davies & Co., Inc., has a most complete line of machining fluids, both synthetic and soluble oil. There are many application overlaps where several products could be appropriate; these circumstances are generally settled by customer preference. Our "Kutsol" products are soluble oil concentrates, designed to give outstanding lubricity, surface finish and rust protection. Our synthetic products are "Mira-Kool" (grinding, misting) and "Lubra-Kool" (general machining). Soluble oils have more lubricity than synthetics and can produce superior surface finish at lower concentrations. Synthetics do not contain oils, dilute to clear solutions, are easily disposable and, if not contaminated, can be discharged to drains. There are brief product descriptions below and a chart to aid in product selection.

"Kutsol 100 & 300" Because there is so much overlap between these two products, they will be discussed together. "Kutsol-100" has more EP (extreme pressure) additives than does #300 and is thus suited for more severe machining operations, such as; tapping, threading and broaching. "Kutsol-300" has been designed to be ‘multimetal functional’, ferrous, aluminum, yellow metals, (copper, brass, etc.) and "Kutsol-100" is intended for ferrous metals (stainless steel, cast iron, sintered iron and exotic composites). Both products are used in similar concentrations (see chart) and both products are used in grinding.

The general rule on "Kutsols" is: use #100 for the more severe machining operations and for the harder, exotic metal stock. Use #300 for more general machine use and for mutimetals.

"Mira-Kool" is our blue chip, synthetic grinding coolant concentrate. Most flood coolant grinding utilizes synthetics and "Mira-Kool" performs will in virtually all types of grinding. If your customer is doing grinding and needs a synthetic, this is the product. "Mira-Kool" can also be used for mist lubrication in general machining.

"Lubra-Kool" is for your customer who does general machining and prefers using a synthetic. This product is fortified with boundary and EP lubricity additives and offers outstanding performance, with the advantage of being a synthetic. "Lubra-Kool" has greater lubricity than "Mira-Kool" and is made for general machining.