"Metal-Kleen #200"

PH Neutral Industrial Cleaner

Davies "Metal-Kleen #200" is a highly concentrated industrial cleaner, specifically designed to have a neural pH but has outstanding soil penetration and suspension capabilities. "Metal-Kleen #200" is a multi-metal (Aluminum, Zinc, Copper, Steel) safe and will prevent flash rusting with ferrous metal. A unique property of "Metal-Kleen #200" is its ability not to interfere with paint adhesions which make this the product of choice when phosphatizing is not an option due to waste water regulations.


Immersion Tank: Typical dilution is in the 1:10 to 1:40 range. A good starting point is 1:20. Ideal temperature is 120° - 160° F.

Steam/Power Washer: Typical dilution is in the 1:40 to 1:50 range. A good starting point is 1:50. Ideal temperature is 140° - 180° F.

"Metal-Kleen #200" is effective in cold water in both applications, but cleaning is enhanced at higher temperatures.