"Mira-Kool #100"

Synthetic Grinding Coolant

Davies "Mira-Kool 100" is an excellent all-purpose synthetic grinding fluid. This hybrid blend has been designed for all types of grinding including surface, blanchard and centerless. The specific components of "Mira-Kool" are synergistically formulated for optimum performance with all types of metals. The special additives used inhibit corrosion and micro-organism growth while providing outstanding surface finish.


"Mira-Kool" is diluted with water 1:20 to 1:40 depending on severity of grinding and type of metal used. A good starting point is 1:30 for general grinding. Field testing of "Mira-Kool" is fast and easy with a standard refractometer, with typical readings in the 1-3% Brix units range.

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