"Mop N Shine"

Cleans & Shines
No Waxed Floors and Regular Floor

Contains no phosphates

Anti slip

Amazing Shine

No build-up

Can be used on no wax floors

Davies “Mop-N-Shine” is the easy way to keep both regular and no-wax floors looking clean and shiny. A single gallon of “Mop-N-Shine” will do an 8’x10’ regular floor 10 to 12 times and a no-wax floor 20 to 24 times.
“Mop-N-Shine” can be applied over other brands. Older floors that show signs of discoloration or build up of floor finish should be stripped of all old wax by using a ¼ cup of Davies “DC-99” stripper in a gallon of water. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Do not use on wood or cork.

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor. Pour out a thin line of Mop-N-Shine about 5 feet long. Do small sections at a time.

2. Rinse sponge mop in a pail of water. Squeeze out leaving some water on the mop. Go over area as you do when cleaning.

3. Re-rinse in pail to remove soil and proceed to next area.

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