Heavy Duty Solvent Engine Cleaner

  • Fast Cleaning Action
  • Easy Water Rinsing
  • Removes Heavy Grease, Carbon Deposits
  • Easy to Use
  • Economical
  • Solvent & Chemical Cleaning 

Davies “MOTOR-WASH #100” is a hard working, solvent based, engine cleaner.  This product loosens and dissolves deposits of grease, grime, and carbon on automotive and truck engines.  Special detergents and penetrants allow deep penetration of “MOTOR-WASH #100” into normal engine soil to enable quick and complete removal.  Following application, water rinsing is easy and complete.  “MOTOR-WASH #100” is also effective in removing undercoating from cars.  This is an ideal product for used car dealers and detail shops.


Use as is, and apply via spray or brush to cold engine,never to hot engine.  Allow 2-5 minutes for chemical action, brush as necessary and rinse off with high-pressure water spray.  “MOTOR-WASH #100” is combustible and, being a solvent, must not be used by ignition sources.  The flash point is 109°F.  All engines must be turned off and cool to the touch prior to cleaning.  “MOTOR-WASH #100” is intended for industrial use only.