"No Freeze #100"

For Cleaning at Sub-Freezing Temperatures

Immediately starts to dissolve grime and suspend soil

Resists freezing up to -40°F


No residual, after-cleaning odor

Aids in melting ice formations

Authorized by USDA for use in meat plants

Formulated for use with conventional or automatic scrubbers

DAVIES “NO-FREEZE” is our most effective cleaning products for use anywhere cleaning is to be accomplished at below freezing conditions. The formula is specifically designed to provide a fast, efficient and practical means of cleaning frozen food storage areas where conventional cleaners would freeze solid. The ability to resist freezing to -40°F is coupled with hard working cleaning action to penetrate, dissolve and suspend soil for easy removal by wiping or wet vac pick up. Costly shutdowns can now be eliminated, as frozen food storage areas operating at -10°F can now be easily cleaned of dirt, grime, fats and grease deposits during regular operations. Cleaning efficiency combined with non-flammable, odorless and non-toxic fumes gives all the cleaning power the job demands with safety. Include “NO-FREEZE” today in your regular maintenance program for all sub-freezing and frozen storage cleaning needs.

AUTHORIZED FOR USE IN MEAT PLANTS   Authorized for floor and wall cleaning in federally inspected meat and poultry establishments by the Technical Services Division, United States Department of Agriculture, Consumer and Marketing Service.

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