"No Scale"

Industrial Boiler Compound 

  • Highly Effective Compound
  • Easy to Use
  • USDA, FDA Approved
  • Ideal For Heating & Process Boilers
  • The Boiler Engineer’s Choice 

Davies “No-Scale” is our ‘flagship’ product in boiler chemical care. “No-Scale” has kept multitudes of boilers clean and customers happy for more than 40 years; with a success story unsurpassed by any competitive material that we know. The secret of “No-Scale” is that it is easy to use and test by customers and it WORKS! Food processors favor “No-Scale” as it is USDA and FDA approved and does not ‘carry over’ in the steam. This product works well in industrial process boilers as well as simple building, the whole gamut of steam boiler applications.


Sufficient “No-Scale” must be added to maintain an 11-12 reading on the “No-Scale” test paper. The boiler engineer should always test bottom blow-down water for “No-Scale”, and add enough “No-Scale” to obtain the 11-12 reading. A 10 reading on the test tape indicates under treatment and the need for more “No-Scale”. A 13 reading indicates excessive treatment, and not to add “No-Scale” until sufficient make-up water enters the boiler.

Blow-downs must be scheduled so that Dissolved Solids (DS) are in the 2000-2500 ppm range. Higher DS readings indicate conditions developing scale and require additional blow-down or surface skimming to lower DS. Low DS readings (under 1500 ppm) indicate either a freshly filled boiler or excessive blow-downs. A proper blow-down is from the boiler bottom and 3-4 second duration. Generally, most steam heating boilers should be blown-down daily, however, in cases of very hard water or high make-up rates, multi-day blow-downs would be required as necessary. In severe cases where DS readings remain high even with increased blow-down, the boiler should be stopped, drained, flushed and returned to service.