"Oxy - Out 100"

Powder Oxygen Scavenger

USDA approved for food plants

  • Completely Controls Dissolved Oxygen
  • Prevents Pitting and Rusting in Boilers
  • Economical to Use
  • Easy to Dissolve
  • Highly Concentrated
  • Easily Tested 

DAVIES “Oxy-Out 100” has been used effectively for treating corrosive Dissolved Oxygen in large boiler systems for many years. “Oxy-Out 100” is a concentrated powder oxygen scavenger that is ideal for very large boiler systems, or those with a major dissolved oxygen problem. Dissolved Oxygen causes hazardous pitting and rusting in boiler systems. It is important that complete testing be done on all boilers. Dissolved Oxygen enters the boiler with raw make-up water, through any air leaks, and through improper pump seals and packing. Although we definitely do not recommend the use of a water softener for boiler make-up water due to the highly corrosive nature of soft water that will shorten boiler life, it is essential that “Oxy-Out 100” be used to control Dissolved Oxygen and help protect against corrosion.

The degree of “Oxy-Out 100” treatment will be determined by the size and condition of the boiler system, water conditions, boiler workload, etc. “Oxy-Out 100” should be pre-dissolved in hot water before addition to the boiler. Prepare this stock solution by adding one (1) pound Oxy-Out 100” per gallon of make-up water. One gallon of this stock solution will adequately treat about 700 gallons of feed water.

“Oxy-Out 100” can be tested with Davies’ Oxygen Scavenger Test Kit.

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