"Paint Prep 320"

Davies “PAINT PREP 320” is mixed with hot water and applied via pressure washer or steam cleaner onto ferrous metal surfaces.  Medium shop oils and soils are removed with the cleaning action and a sturdy, phosphate coating remains on the surface, providing an ideal base for positive paint adhesion.  “PAINT PREP 320” is an ideal spray product for any ferrous metal part that is painted.  This product incorporates increased amounts of detergents to allow better cleaning for more severely soiled parts.  “PAINT PREP 320” is highly buffered to allow higher concentrations (1-2 fl. oz. per gal.) to be used.


“PAINT PREP 320” is used at 1-2 oz. per gal. of water @ 120°- 180°F.  The ideal dilution pH is 4.5 with a usable range of 4.0-5.0.  Contact time should be ½-2 minutes, depending on cleaning severity, equipment and part.  For extremely severely soiled parts, pre-cleaning with “DC-99” is suggested.  Parts cleaned with “PAINT PREP 320” need not be rinsed prior to painting.  Davies conductivity meter can be used to field test concentration.