"Radiator Boil Out"


Davies “RADIATOR BOIL OUT #100” is a powdered alkaline detergent formulation used with water for heavy-duty immersion radiator cleaning, as well as in-place radiator cleaning.  The product renders better cleaning due to better penetration, grease emulsification, better rinsing and powerful scale remover.  This product also contains an inhibitor which prevents corrosion of metals by alkalies.

For Cleaning Radiator with Immersion Tank: Prepare a solution of 2 lbs. per 20 gallons of water, increase or decrease usage based on soil load.  Heat the water and maintain it at or neat boiler point.  Immerse the radiator or other parts in the hot solution and inspect frequently for completeness of cleaning.  Remove from vat, allow to drain and pressure rinse.

For Cleaning Radiator In-Place: Use 2 lbs. per 3 gallons of water in system.  Drain system, close drain and pour solution into radiator, replace cap, run motor 30-60 minutes - - drain radiator again and flush with water until water is clear.