High Shine Spray Wax

  • Brings back "New Life" to faded finishes
  • Render unexcelled "Water Beading"
  • Protects paint finish from weathering
  • Durable, longer lasting protective shine

Are you wasting money heating water to obtain a stable emulsion?  DAVIES "RINSE-N-SHINE" will hold a stable emulsion in water at any temperature...there will absolutely not be any settling out in cold water...which means a drastic saving to the car wash operation resulting in 'higher profits' to the operator.

"RINSE-N-SHINE" will actually give a much higher shine than the old fashioned hot wax formulas...the shine is more durable, rendering a protective coating to protect the finish from weathering and inhibits rusting caused by salt water.


Blend 5 gallons of "RINSE-N-SHINE" with 50 gallons water in a clean 55 gallon drum.  Adjust meter to achieve the desired beading and finish...usually 3 to 6 oz. per car.  For manual car washing, after wash, spray 10% "RINSE-N-SHINE" solution over car and rinse again.

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